News 3.2.2023

The Sinking Ship (Single)

News 8.7.2022

News 24.6.2022

hypnopolis - Ape Theater

The First Single From The New EP "On The High Sea" Now In Stores !!!

Watch The Official Music Video click here

News 26.2.2020

New Gallery Added (click here)

Hypnopolis Photoshooting In The Rehearsal Room 16.2.2020

Photos By Phil Winchester Photography

News 7.2.2019

Hypnopolis - The Time Traveller (Official Music Video)

News 10.10.2018

Hypnopolis Jazz Night Videos

Viva La Revolution

Der Pausenclown

Das sinkende Schiff

Here We Go Again! (Welcome Back)

The Blue Cat With The Black Hat

A Glow In The Dark

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News 9.6.2018

First Single "Walking In The Shade" Out Now

News 27.4.2018

New Album Out Now! "The Time Traveller" Jetzt Online kaufen oder Streamen

News 3.8.2016

Visit Hypnopolis' YouTube Channel.

Hypnopolis - The Blue Cat With The Black Hat (Live)

News 31.8.2014

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